Nurturing Christian Education
Jonah in July

Welcome to our church-wide study of Jonah!  

During the month of July Jonah will be the theme of our worship services and our discipleship hour. The story of Jonah is a favorite of children, who are delighted by the portion where Jonah is swallowed by a great fish and then vomited on dry land. What is endearing to children is often the part that becomes  a  stumbling  block  for  adults,  especially those  who  think  the  narrative  is  meant  to  be  interpreted  literally. Jonah is a prophetic narrative full of satire and irony, and one with a message so very applicable to our times. There are times when it is good to look at the stories we first learned as children and see them through adult eyes.

This  curriculum  is  designed  for  adults  with  varying  biblical  knowledge  and  theological underpinning.  The  format  is discussion-based,  which  allows  all  participants  to  share  their  insights,  questions,  doubts,  and  challenges.  Teachers, each lesson has a portion of commentary which sets up discussion questions that follow. If you have a question about a specific passage or a topic that you think will arise in your class that is not covered in the curriculum, please give me a call (Susan, 336-549-9251).

Sunday School Program

Vision Statement: To see every church member belong to a discipleship group so they will grow in their knowledge of God, apply His word and become imitators of Christ.

The Sunday School Program is now referred to as the Discipleship Hour for All Ages.

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2018 Discipleship Opportunities

At Oak Ridge United Methodist Church, our vision is to welcome every church member to a discipleship group so they will grow in their knowledge of God, apply His Word and become imitators of Christ's love.

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