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Kairos Inside is a statewide, inter-faith, 72 hour prison ministry that has served at Central Prison (for men), and at NCCIW (for women) in Raleigh since 1994. A 30-person mission team is selected, receive training, and minister to a maximum of 42 residents. Through discussions, sharing and worship, team members grow closer to each other, and to the Christ they will model for the residents through listening, instruction, and caring. The program starts on Wednesday when the mission team meets the residents for a time of sharing who they are, why they volunteered to come and what they expect. Table families of nine are formed, with 6 residents, two laymen and a clergy in each. Team members give testimonial talks, followed by table discussions and posters. Music, prayer, and worship are mixed with fellowship and great food. Through the sharing of God's love, barriers are gradually broken down, and by closing on Saturday, the residents share as they are led, and the fruit borne by the power and work of the Holy Spirit is profoundly evident. There are many ways we can support this ministry: Serve on a Kairos team. Strips of paper are signed, agreeing to pray during the event; these are made into a paper prayer chain that stretches around the gym several times. Each Kairos team member is also required to provide 100 dozen home-baked cookies. Finally, placemats drawn by children are used with every meal, and encouraging posters can be done for the gym walls.

Torch is a Kairos ministry directed toward incarcerated youth (under 18); including a 3-day weekend, followed by at least 6 months of mentoring. Torch was initiated in NC in 2008.

Kairos Outside, a 72-hour ministry for affirmation and encouragement of the mothers, spouses and daughters of incarcerated men, is also well established in NC.

Volunteers are needed to provide material support and/or to serve on teams for each of the above Kairos ministries. Ministry coordinator for all prison ministries is Dan Nelson.

Click here for a video about Kairos.

Last Published: May 26, 2017 11:16 AM
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