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OCTOBER: Guilford Backpack Ministry    

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October Mission of the Month - Guilford Backpack Ministry 


Guilford Backpack Ministry is a 100% volunteer organization that was started 10+ years ago by Oak Ridge United Methodist Church. Our mission is to follow Jesus' instructions to feed the children. We have been blessed to be able to do so with the continued support of the congregation,  both physically and financially. 


Approximately 15%+ of the students, in the 10 Northern and Northwest Guilford schools we serve, are food insecure.  We provide all students enlisted in our program with snacks and meals for the weekend, holidays, and school breaks. Without this food, many of these students would return to school having eaten little food over the weekend.  


As the mission of the month we are asking all church members to fill a shopping bag with any or all of the items from our menu. Or you can make a donation of $35 and we will fill one for you. A full sponsorship donation of $350 will feed a student every weekend of the school year, provide extra food over breaks, and cover holiday meal gift cards. 


We also ask for your continued prayers for all of the students and their families.  As government assistance reduces we expect the number of families needing assistance to increase throughout the year.  God has always provided for this ministry through our church and the community.  We want to thank you for your continual support of this ministry. For more information,  find us on Facebook or email us at



Each month we highlight one outreach mission!  The 2021 Missions of the Months are:

January- Team Fees                                                        Dee/Christi

February- Camp Guilrock                                              Rhonda Lee

March- DRC Congo Children’s Home                       Max Kern/Wentz

April- Feed the Hungry (GUM/GSM)                       Spencer Sullivan/Alison Huber

May- Hannah’s Haven                                                   Jane Hahn

June- CAI Shoes and Socks                                          Bev and Ed Wentz

July- UMAR Group Home                                             Lynne Toth

August- Guatemala                                                         Max Kern

September- Prison Ministry                                        Dan Nelson        

October- Backpack                                                          Beth Waterfield

November- Christmas Store                                       Beth Waterfield

December- Africa University                                       Bev and Ed Wentz

Last Published: October 7, 2021 4:00 PM
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