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March - Mission of the Month - Isaiah's Shoes and Socks

The schools in Kasungami are open and the orphan children are happy to return to class and see their friends.  It has been just as hard on them as our children to not be in school for an extended length of time.  They are behind in their studies and will have a difficult time catching up.  The unfortunate thing is they have not had any form of learning during the time their schools were closed.  No home computers, electricity or any way to receive some education. 

The children of Kasungami need shoes and socks to attend school.  If they should attempt to go to school without shoes & socks, they would not be allowed entry. They need shoes to protect their feet from injury and impetigo, a bacterial disease that can be contracted by cuts on the feet.  If untreated it can spread on the body and is very contagious.  The parent or guardian does not have the means to go to a physician.  Home remedies are not effective.

Since this mission was started by Sydney Wentz in 2009 thanks to the generosity of the ORUMC congregation we have been able to provide  approximately 1100 pair of shoes and socks for the students in the Child Action Initiative Education Program.  There are big smiles on the students faces when they receive shoes.

Isaiah Njimbu Chot, the founder of Child Action Initiative, is very thankful for the support ORUMC has given the children and says the students are grateful. To donate to Shoes & Socks for Isaiah’s Kids please write your check to ORUMC with Shoes & Socks in the memo space or donate through on-line giving and designate Shoes & Socks. Or use an envelope in the pew and designate Shoes & Socks.

Thank you for caring about the Child Action Initiative students.


Bev & Ed Wentz

Advisors to Child Action Initiative

Last Published: March 8, 2023 10:44 AM
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